Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pre Halloween Weekend

My last weekend before Halloween this year was pretty busy with horror themed things consuming it!

First I went down to Keene New Hampshire for a signing at Comic Boom!
Where the owner, Corey, gave us a real nice set up,
Steve Bissette, Cat Garza, Colleen Frakes, Jon Chad, Penina Gal, Josh Rosen, Bill Volk, and Betsey Swardlick all came to sell and sign their books!
Steve Bissette welcomes you
Colleen tries to work while an undercover vice cop describes the feel of polyester
my stuff
My Books!!

Then after that we went to Spooktacular III, ran by the creatures from Saturday Fright Special
me with The Scarewolf
me with one of the hosts, Scarewolf

The movie was Brides of Dracula, it was at a beutiful old theatre, there was a costume contests, the hosts were great, all in all it was an awesome show.
Colonial Spooktacular III Brides of Dracula

The kind of show that reminds me of Atomic Age Cinema, one of the Atomic Age Cinema folks, Dave Underwood, sent me this email,

The crew from THE DARK CARNIVAL FILM FEST have teamed with HORROR HOUND magazine to put on a live HALLOWEEN SPECIAL this Saturday night (October 24th) at 8-11 Pm (Eastern). It will also be re-broadcast on Halloween night from 8-11 Pm

The show will include: Monsters, Demons, Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves....blood, guts....and an assortment of other MONSTROUS and TERRIFYING things TOOO horrible to mention.

If you live in Southwest Ohio, or Southern Indiana, you can access the show on Time Warner channel 991 or AT&T channel 99. You can also access it on the internet by going to: www.mvcc.net....then click on "TV/VIDEO SERVICES"..then click on "LIVE STREAMING VIDEO"...then click on "CHANNEL 991" (Remember, a Broadband Connection is needed for best results!)


So, I missed that, but hopefully I'll get to see it at some point.

I got interviewed about Monsters & Girls: Amelia parts 1 & 2 by Curt Purcell over at the Groovy Age of Horror.
Here's the direct link.

Curt Purcell asked some really in depth and tough questions! So check that out, it's got some art I sent him that I've never posted here, and I go into the origin of Amelia as a character. And I'd recommend checking out the whole blog, especially since my interview is sandwiched between 2 really crazy fumetti posts that make my comic look like your typical bland american.

okay, talk to y'all later,


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