Monday, October 12, 2009

Atomic Age Cinema in New England

Last Thursday...
Atomic Age Cinema invaded The Main Street Museum in White River Junction. A night of beat poetry and history was interupted be two ghouls.
Atomic Age Cinema at the MSM(26)
Dr. Creap, The dead beat, and Daisy Dead, the vegan zombie.
Here's Proffessor Peter Money before the show,
Atomic Age Cinema at the MSM(28)
Here he is after...
Atomic Age Cinema at the MSM(10)

For a complete play by play go to Steve Bissette's blog
Atomic Age Cinema at the MSM(27)


Dave Pruett said...

Denis - I love the make-up! Congrats on starting a new chapter - I'd like to see AACs all over the world! (Mwuahahaha!!)

So is there a "cinema" component to your Atomic Age Cinema?


Denis St. John said...

Hey Dave!

wow, I guess I didn't mention the movie!
We played A Bucket of Blood, which the audience loved