Monday, October 19, 2009

Comic signings

This last Saturday I went down to Summerville, MA with Colleen Frakes and Bryan Stone to Hub Comics
There we met up with Caitlin Plovnick, Cat Garza, and Mario Van Buren to sell and sign comics.

photos courtesy of Colleen Frakes, thanks.

It was a good show, I was in good comics company, had a fun time, ate some good food.

THIS NEXT Saturday.
I'll be at Comic Boom! in Keene New Hampshire

Selling and signing again, this time with Steve Bissette and Nick Patten.
This will also be on the same day as the Saturday Fright Special's Spooktacular II,

Copies of my comics will be going up for raffle during that! If you're near the area it's definetly worth the trip!
I went to Spooktacular I and had an awesome time, they show really nice prints of the movies on a huge screen in an old school theater, do the whole showmanship thing, throw things at the audience, etc.

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