Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Okay, SO!
As you may know you can buy Amelia at Amazon HERE or at Createspace HERE

Now there's an exciting third option, you can buy it directly from me.
Just press the button above, or Paypal me at, 18 dollars (15 for the book and 3 for shipping), in the notes give me your address and name.
"What's the difference?" you may ask
"Well" I clear my throat and begin, "If you get from me, I'll mail it directly myself, which means I'll have time to do a little dedication for you and also throw another comic in"
"what comic?"
"Well I have all these copies of this Monsters & Girls Sampler, see"
"So, yeah" I continue, "I'll drop one of those in, while supplies last" I note, "and, since it's not on sale anywhere else, unless you see me at a comic convention, it's the only way of getting that crazy comic. That has werewolf stories, a vampire from outers-pace (who is a parody character, and I will not explain more) " I say going off on a bit of a tangent, "and a bunch of cool illustrations"
"Wow", you say, then turn to the camera
"What a deal, I will press that button right now"