Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mardi Gras

You're invited!
mardigras09colour copy
Every year since moving from new Orleans in 1996 my parents have thrown a Mardi Gras party and every year I make the invites. This is the 09, Mardi Gras in Ann Arbor poster. For this version I've removed my parent's address and phone number, not that you'd abuse it.

Oh, this is apparently post number 100. woo.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Years!

Denis St. John profile
There it is, my first drawing of 2009, started it yesterday, finished it today. It's my new avatar for I Know Joe Kimpel, and will probably change my picture on this with it also. It was done with brush and ink. Then I took the cover of Monsters and Girls: Amelia number 1 and laid it under my face. Originally I was going to color my face differently, but then I thought it looked like my face was growing out of the texture. Which kind of makes sense, in a weird way, with the reality of my story.

So anyway, New Years Eve was fun, Sean Ford and Alex Kim were back in town, it was fun to see them. Now it's time to get back to life. I have a few new years resolutions, but the most important one is to double up my pages in 2009. I drew 42 finished comic pages in 2008, and I'm going to draw 84 in 2009.