Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bingo Baby!

Watch this awesome video.
So last summer I took part in a really cool comics experiment run by Jason Lutes.
Me Joe Lambert, Donna Almendrala, Amelia Onorato, and Bill Bedard all created a story using an improv based board game and then used that story as the template for writing and drawing a graphic novel.
It was a great experiment, a great opportunity to work with friends and great cartoonists, and it ended in a great comic.
When I was a young kid my dad and I would create our own stories as my bedtime stories. From what I remember they mostly were about a kid named Rat-tat-touille (there was an extra syllable in his name) and Apple Sauce. It was my first introduction to creating my own fiction and maybe the beginning of my life as a cartoonist. Making this book was the closest I've come to that very early memory of storytelling.

This is the character I created, "Goldie".

Well, the comic is done, and now we're doing a kickstarter for it. We have 9, count 'em, 9 days to go, so please got check it out and think about contributing!