Tuesday, September 5, 2017

updated list of where to follow me

hey everyone,

Long time no talk!

Here is where you can find me online these days!

My Patreon!
Very important, most up to date, behind the scenes and I've made a Monster Club you can join!

my portfolio site
! you know, to be professional

Twitter, you know, to tweet

, very similar to my twitter

Friday, August 26, 2016

more tumblr talk


my poor neglected blog, how I miss you/forget you exist.
so as you may know you can find me on tumblr, twitter, and instagram
But now you can also secretly see my work on the Peanuts Studio Tumblr, which I have embedded the latest post up top. I'm temporarily taking over our Studio Tumblr, so look for more weirdness then you ever thought you'd see on a Peanuts social media site! and also remember the Peanuts Studio Tumblr is not officially endorsed by Peanuts Worldwide of the Schulz family.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Hope you enjoyed my new dinosaur comic! you can buy the anthology that it appears in DOUBLETHINK COMICS ISSUE 2!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

more October updates

Mystics In Bali T-SHIRT
This cool shirt I designed for Mystics in Bali is available from Mondo Macabro HERE!

and this Saturday I'll be at the Charles Schulz Museum for sketch-a-thon, along with Paige Braddock, Paul Pope, Reina Telgemeier, and many more!
you can check out the event HERE
(a simulation of what I look like at a table with comics, not a photo of the future)

lets see, more news is that I'm drawing more Garbage Pail Kids sketch cards!
For more regular art from me, please follor my TUMBLR page!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy Halloween and sorry


I don't know if anyone still follows this blog, if so I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with it. I'm still posting frequently on my tumblr, Monsters & Girls and on my main Facebook page.
So happy October to everyone. In case anyone reading this doesn't know, I've been working for Peanuts since January. It's probably the best job I could hope for, it's super awesome. If you want to check out some of what I've been doing for them, check out the Peanuts Studio tumblr, for October I've been coloring halloween themed Peanuts panels, here

So what else is new? a lot I guess, I've been working on several comics, some you can check out in the comics anthology Double Think, I have some new dinosaur comics coming out in the next issue!
I'll also be at the Schulz Museum this Saturday selling comics and drawing monsters! anyway, see you again, sometime!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DoubleThink Comics: Oh, OH! It's magic!

DoubleThink Comics: Oh, OH! It's magic!: Check out the splash page for Denis St. John's MAGIC IN THE MOONSHINE ! It's gorgeous! It's beautiful. What makes this beauti...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vampirella story

Bissette and I wrote this really crazy Betty Boop inspired Vampirella comic for the second issue of Vampirella Feary Tales. Feary Tales is a Vampi mini series written by Nancy A. Collins and several other cool writers, where the vampire we all desire falls into several classic and weird fairy tales as a character. It seems like a pretty cool series. Bissette and I picked Vampi in Snow White, but the Betty Boop version, of course, because that's what I like the best.

here's one of the alternate covers, by Art Adams!

This comic was a lot of fun to work on, and Steve and I really added all the weirdness and creepiness we could to it, including a musical number, tons of references to Bava movies and other sci-fi and horror, rhyming double entendres, and more!
Here's the title page from our comic,

The issue come out tomorrow( Wednesday the 19th) so everyone go out and buy BUY BUY! get copies for all your friends, perfect for christmas gifts!

Here's the Boop cartoon that inspired us,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Okay, SO!
As you may know you can buy Amelia at Amazon HERE or at Createspace HERE

Now there's an exciting third option, you can buy it directly from me.
Just press the button above, or Paypal me at deniscomix@yahoo.com, 18 dollars (15 for the book and 3 for shipping), in the notes give me your address and name.
"What's the difference?" you may ask
"Well" I clear my throat and begin, "If you get from me, I'll mail it directly myself, which means I'll have time to do a little dedication for you and also throw another comic in"
"what comic?"
"Well I have all these copies of this Monsters & Girls Sampler, see"
"So, yeah" I continue, "I'll drop one of those in, while supplies last" I note, "and, since it's not on sale anywhere else, unless you see me at a comic convention, it's the only way of getting that crazy comic. That has werewolf stories, a vampire from outers-pace (who is a parody character, and I will not explain more) " I say going off on a bit of a tangent, "and a bunch of cool illustrations"
"Wow", you say, then turn to the camera
"What a deal, I will press that button right now"

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

APE this weekend

Hey folks,
I'll be at APE this weekend!
I'll have the Amelia graphic novel,

 Legend of the Loup-Garou,

and Bingo Baby!
I'll be at table 600A with Caitlin Plovnick,
so come check us out!