Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vampirella story

Bissette and I wrote this really crazy Betty Boop inspired Vampirella comic for the second issue of Vampirella Feary Tales. Feary Tales is a Vampi mini series written by Nancy A. Collins and several other cool writers, where the vampire we all desire falls into several classic and weird fairy tales as a character. It seems like a pretty cool series. Bissette and I picked Vampi in Snow White, but the Betty Boop version, of course, because that's what I like the best.

here's one of the alternate covers, by Art Adams!

This comic was a lot of fun to work on, and Steve and I really added all the weirdness and creepiness we could to it, including a musical number, tons of references to Bava movies and other sci-fi and horror, rhyming double entendres, and more!
Here's the title page from our comic,

The issue come out tomorrow( Wednesday the 19th) so everyone go out and buy BUY BUY! get copies for all your friends, perfect for christmas gifts!

Here's the Boop cartoon that inspired us,