Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Read and Werewolves

So a couple weeks ago I was touring around Vermont teaching comics for Vermont's Big Read
It was a cool experience, in one week I toured about 5 high schools and saw many classrooms. The idea was that all the kids read The Things They Carried and then wrote monologues based on the idea of truthfulness, and then I came in and taught them how to make the monologues into comics. It was a pretty crazy week, and then since then I helped edit a book that's going to be printed today of some of the selected comics and monologues. I haven't seen the book yet, but I'm excited about it.
For that I also taught the same lesson over CATV, so people can learn at home, and I happen to have the video of that right here. You can watch me be super nervous in front of a camera,

Okay, wow that was embarrassing.
I've also been working on comics, Amelia of course, but also a new Werewolf Comic.
It's called Mangia La Mia Carne a.k.a Eat My Flesh and it's going to be in WEREWOLF !V (4). Which is debuting at MeCaf this year in a couple weeks. I'll be there also.
Anyway, the comic is super crazy, maybe my most disturbing comic to date. for now here are a couple samples.
(Eat My Flesh)

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Vintage Sleaze

Jim Linderman over at the Vintage Sleaze is doing this "Contemporary Vintage Sleaze" series, where cartoonists are doing gag comics or illustrations for his site.
I have up now, right HERE!
He also has some nice things to say about me.