Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Amelia movie news!

So! big news! As the first picture should tell you. Amelia the movie is coming along, the lead has been cast! Now this is still some way from happening, we don't have a director signed yet, or an approved script (for some reason I'm not allowed to write the script*), but Christina Ricci has done the first photo tests, which I've been allowed to show. And man, these look great! Ricci is pretty perfectly cast, and they really look like they're trying to emulate the look of my comic.

*I was confused about that honestly. In the contracts I had to sign I thought I had some script approval, and I'd talked to the producers about writing the first draft, but all that seems to have changed. I maybe should have shown some one the contracts before I signed them, but I was just so excited, I mean I got to meet Christina Ricci! Well, I mean, she wasn't in the room, but she was over the phone (or so I was told, she didn't talk much), but I think I'll get to meet her. I think I'm allowed on set and stuff, if I read the contracts right. They did promise to fly me to LA sometime soon. I bought sunglasses and everything. haha.
Okay, to be honest when they sent me these awesome pictures my name wasn't on them, so I added it. I hope that's okay, I'll be waiting to see the official announcement, should be later today.