Sunday, May 10, 2009

Atomic Age Send Off!!

The atomic age logo, and underneath the atomic age wall
Atomic age Cinema
So since I left Bloomington, the home of Atomic Age Cinema I haven't done the best job of keeping in contact with the featured creatures.
But I still hear occasionally what's going on, mostly thanks to Captain Kosmos. The Cinemat, which is the weekly venue space for AAC has been closing down for awhile now. the captain informed me that the matinee show yesterday was their second to last.
For those of you who might not know, before coming to Vermont to study cartooning I was involved in AAC, a weekly live horror hosted movie show. There was a midnight show, playing mostly horror movies, with free prizes and strange events, then there was the kid show,

The wall

Now I'm going to violate one of the big rules of hosting shows like this, I'm going to break the illusion, and just admit outright that I was The Kick, the original Kick that is,
yep, that's me, you could never tell under the mask

Now the kids show was never the success that the midnight show, as you can guess their wasn't a lot of audience overlap (Kids at 3, live surgery and boobies at midnight!). But, we had a small and very loyal audience. If it wasn't for those few kids the show wouldn't have kept going, but there are three kids in particular who made every saturday worthwhile.
At the kids show we mostly played old movie serials like Flash Gordon and Captain Marvel, and old cartoons like Betty Boop and Flip the Frog.

When I left Bloomington the kids show was taken over, first by a new Kick, my protege so to speak, The New Kick and his ape sidekick ignore the small audience
Then by Captain Kosmos, both of whom I want to thank, especially CK for keeping me involved.

At the midnight show I'd host often as The Kick, and occasionally play different creatures. One thing I want people to really understand is how much work went into this every week, this is just one free gift from one week, a new gift was made every single week,
Brain from Planet Arous

Now I don't know what the future of the midnight show or the kids show will be, but I know it's hard to keep AAC down. In a way they've already moved on to bigger and better things, like The Dark Carnival Film Fest
But I hope they find a new live venue soon, even after I left it was good to know it was there, doing it's part to keep Indiana weird.
So in conclusion, I want to say good luck to David Pruett, Arthur Cullipher, Kirk Hasting, David Underwood, and every one else who has come and gone from Atomic Age,

This is the Kick saying, be seeing you!


john said...

Great post Denis. Made me a little teary-eyed. One of us needs to get ahold of someone in Bloomington to find out what the midnight show is up to.

Demon Dave said...

Rest assured, Atomic Age Cinema isn't going anywhere - well, except upstairs.

Without ever missing a beat, the show moved from its old location at the Cinemat to a spankin' new location just upstairs at the Funny Bone Comedy Club.

The Cinemat will be deeply missed, but I gotta say the hosts and the audience love the new digs!