Monday, May 11, 2009

Amelia Update!

Amelia Pin Up poster
I made this little piece of art initially just for the heck of it, then I thought it would be a good promotional piece. It was inked with pitt pens and the scanner I used was dirty or calibrated incorrectly or something. The color and the faux old paper background were added in photoshop.

Then there's this!
Amelia Part Two Cover (B & W version)
click it to go to my flickr page and look at the larger version for a closer look at all the squiggly wormy veiny things

This is the finished inks for the cover of the new comic. I'm coloring it in photoshop right now. You might recall from earlier my concept sketch, here.

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kub E bear, esq said...

stockings with the line down the back are totally HOT!
in times of desperation such as wartime, women drew them on.