Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Women in Horror Month 2013

So once again it's Women In Horror Recognition Month

And as a return to this poor neglected blog I'll be talking all about one of the super ladies of horror alternative comics, my pal, all around awesome lady, Betsey Swardlick.

Betsey is seen at the far right, next to me and Penina Gal. Others in picture not important right now...

I've known Betsey since she was an intern at CCS way way back when I was like a freshman or something. Since then she's moved to Japan, graduated to CCS, moved to one of my home towns, moved to Maine, become some sort of roller derby all star, and more.
Bets was one of the editors of the Werewolf Anthologies Which you can buy HERE and are awesome. I'm in 3 of them I think. Let's look at some covers!

Betsey drew the cover for that last one, wrestling werewolves!
Inside The Werewolf anthology Bets created her characters Ellen and Hallie, the FailWolves.

Failwolves now is on it's 7th issue, I think. And I really can not describe how good a comic it is well enough. Vegan werewolves struggling through life and shit. It's good stuff.
Failwolves walks a line between humor, horror, auto-bio, and whatever else Betsey wants to put into it. But it won't disappoint true horror fans. Every issue introduces more elements into her own unique werewolf cannon. For instance we have seen there are multiple types of lychanthropy in her world, including those born werewolves that transform into straight up wolves that somehow retain the ability to talk like humans.

Ellen and Hailie

I could send you to Betsey's blog, but it hasn't been updated in years, unfortunately she seems to have terrible web presence. BUT, she will be at CAKE and MeCAF this year, so good to both of those and buy her monster comics.

Betsey, Jon Chad, and I are kings I tell ya, KINGS!

Okay, I could keep on talking about her, and all the cool stuff she's up to, including a big sci-fi musical monster 70s thing I'm working on with her and other cool people, but that wouldn't be entirely horror related. Entirely.

Go, friend her, buy her comics, get out of here.

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