Friday, February 24, 2012

Women in Horror Month

So February is Women in Horror Month
and as the month comes to a close I want to give some appreciation to my frequent horror collaborator, Jess Abston.
Anyone who frequents my blog or my flickr page that doesn't know Jess personally will certainly recognize her.
amelia photo 2
Jess also co-hosted Atomic Age Cinema night at the Main Street Museum a few years ago, as Daisy Dead. She came up with some of the best gags of the night, including a pitch for vegan brains, so you can keep that ghoulish figure.
Atomic Age Cinema at the MSM(26)
Jess also collaborated with the Nymphonomena crew, details on that have yet to be revealed...

Jess has always been totally unafraid to put herself out there, whether it's screaming at the top of your lungs to an audience that doesn't know it's coming, posing for frightening pictures, or dealing with my squid wrangling.
she now owns and operates Who is Sylvia in Woodstock Vermont. A store I highly recommend you visiting if you're ever in Woodstock.

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