Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy Halloween and sorry


I don't know if anyone still follows this blog, if so I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with it. I'm still posting frequently on my tumblr, Monsters & Girls and on my main Facebook page.
So happy October to everyone. In case anyone reading this doesn't know, I've been working for Peanuts since January. It's probably the best job I could hope for, it's super awesome. If you want to check out some of what I've been doing for them, check out the Peanuts Studio tumblr, for October I've been coloring halloween themed Peanuts panels, here

So what else is new? a lot I guess, I've been working on several comics, some you can check out in the comics anthology Double Think, I have some new dinosaur comics coming out in the next issue!
I'll also be at the Schulz Museum this Saturday selling comics and drawing monsters! anyway, see you again, sometime!

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