Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thanks to Douglas!

An overdue thank you is sent out to Douglas, for finding my sketchbook in the seat-pocket of a plane and mailing it back to me along with the Swamp Thing volume I was reading! This was a seriously awesome thing to happen, I thought they were gone forever.


veeger said...

Holy crap your beard has gotten gigantic. This is Elaine by the way. I have to create a new name everyime I try and post a comment here cause I forget my login all the time. You should change that. I would comment way more often.

veeger said...

Oh and I picked "veeger" because I saw which 1979 movie recently?

Denis St. John said...

I just saw these comments, so hi. Veeger is of course the god like sentient machine made from the lost Voyager probe in the movie Star Trek the Motion Picture.
I didn't know I could change you forgetting your password.