Wednesday, August 1, 2007

puppets and hot sauce

Here's a potential back cover for Monsters & Girls #2. My sauciest drawing yet. I'm also making some Harry Potter puppets with a new friend :)


Alex Kim said...

oh man, you know how I feel about hot sauciness, denis. No need to say anymore.

nice drawing. i'm excited for the next issue. so excited.

Dane said...

That back cover looks great! I really like the fact that you are using the same character over and over. I don't have the courage. When Monsters & Girls #154 comes out, there better be a "Dishy Dora" story in its hallowed pages.

Also, you should look into actually producing Dishy Dora hot sauce.

Denis St. John said...

Once Dishy Dora actually hits, as I'm sure she will, those giant hot sauce corporations will be knocking down my door to use her likeness. As it stands now, if you do a google image search for Dishy Dora you get a picture of a dog. A DOG!!

Dane said...

Well, if you search for it without the quotes, you get Dora the Explorer and this picture:

It's strangely appropriate. This is basically what I would expect a live-action Dishy Dora movie to look like.