Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stephen Bissette art!!

All around awesome guy Steve Bissette has done amazing portraits of two of my main characters. Sammy Bissette Mustache Man Bissette Steve knew who I was drawing influence from. So heres Vincent Price as The Mustache Man and Peter Lorre as Sammy. See, that's why Steve is awesome. Anyone could have figured out that the Mustache Man looks a lot like Vincent Price, but who else would have figured out that Sammy was drawn from Peter Lorre. I actually have old sketchbook drawings from before Sammy appeared in the comic where I was trying to figure out his look and he was much more Peter Lorre then. Before I added the Nosferatu influence to him. These sweet drawings are available inside the pages of Amelia parts 4 and 5, both will be at MoCCA this weekend.

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