Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sammy comic and more DCFF

I did this comic as part of my 24 hour comic book day activity. I went out on the streets of Montpelier for an hour or so and came back with some cool comics, some Berni Wrightson comics an Alien Worlds comic and an I Vampire comic.
I drew out the panels with no idea what would go in them and then picked random panels from the comics I had just bought and drew them into random panels on the page, then concocted a Sammy story around it.
Here I am with Betsey, Penina, the D20 girls, and the AAC monsters. in other words monsters and girls!
my table, missing one important element...
Betsey and Penina
Betsey and Penina at the Team Werewolf table!

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Kelly said...

Ka-yoot Penina pic!