Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dark Carnival Film Fest

This year I'll be tabling at the Dark Carnival FilmFest in Bloomington, IN.
Im many ways it will be a homecoming for me. It'll be great to see my Atomic Age Cinema pals again. I'm also going to b staying with Penina and Betsey, who will be tabling also, as Team Werewolf!

Amelia Part 4(the penultimate book!!!) will be debuting there! Here's the new back cover,
Thanks to Jess Abston and Rene Gerrior for helping and posing!
I'll be posting more samples this month!

I haven't been to Bloomington or Dark Carnival since I think 2007, here's some photos from last time,
Dark Carnival Film Fest at the Buskirk Chumley
Baron Mardi and Doctor Calimari
Dark Carnival is October 21st to the 23rd, see you there!!!

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