Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Graduation and Eyes

This last weekend The Center for Cartoon Studies class of 2011 graduated! Congratulations to all of them, Josh Kramer, graduate, is doing a review of the thesis of all the grads HERE!

This coming weekend I'm going to be at MeCAF at the Werewolf table. There will be two new wolf books. I have a new short comic in Werewolf IV. WOLVES!!!

I won't have any new books but I'll be there with Amelia 1 through 3.
I made a new back cover for Amelia 3,
Amelia 3 backcover
It's meant to be a kind of bookend with this drawing,
Here's the back cover in color,
Amelia 3 back cover colored


Jeff said...

Awesome Denis! Hey have you ever heard of a movie called Hellraiser? I think you'd like it. I actually just saw it for the first time...oh man!

Jeff said...

That was sarcasm, incidentally. I hear Casablanca is pretty good too.