Friday, February 11, 2011

Amelia 3 cover and beer

I re-colored the cover for Amelia 3, which is available at IKJK.  Have I mentioned that before?
The original print run had a screen printed cover, but as soon as that runs out the new ones will have color printed cover.
Here's the new one,
Amelia2cover again
Here's a scan of the original,
So you can see it's not that different, just a little deeper colors.

Also, I've been working on this high school play, it's been a lot of fun, Here's the website
It's running this Valentine's weekend, if you're in WRJ you should go!
Anyway, since characters in the play drink beer, but this is HIGH SCHOOL I made fake beer labels that go over root beer cans. Here's the label.

Happy Valentine's weekend all you happy people...

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