Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post SPX Post 2010


So SPX is over. It was tons of fun. I saw some old friends who I've missed. Got some real good comics. Played free pin-ball at my cousin's house and drank their beer. Over all a good time.
Here's me at the table with my books and my Nerdlinger I got it for Best Character in Fishnets: Amelia
Denis St. John and Nerdlinger Award!
Picture provided by Jen Vaughn.
My table mates were Holly Foltz, Tim Stout, and G.P. Bonesteel.
I also drove down with Keny Widjaja, Holly, and David Yoder

I haven't read all the books I got yet, but so far I'm really digging them, maybe I'll write more about them later.
But now it's back to the "real world".

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