Monday, March 15, 2010

I am working!

Hey all,
I know I haven't shown any new Amelia stuff in awhile. But I have been working on it. In fact the rest of the story is completely thumbnailed and I'm happily drawing away. I pretty much finished inking chapter 8 yesterday. Here's some samples from it.
chapter 8 panel
chapter 8 panel (2)

I'll show some more later this week.

In other news I'm teaching a workshop at a local highschool (by local I mean 30 minutes away) next week! And I'm going to to to S.P.a.C.E. this year!
I'm sharing a table with fellow CCS alumn Matt Young. More on that later.


Joe said...

Really great drawings, man. You can tell you had fun with them.
Keep it up.

Malachi Ward said...

I love the expression in the first panel and the hands in the second.