Sunday, June 28, 2009

So I took a little bog writing hiatus.

Just been a little burned out, but I'm back.

The big new is...
Book Release Party!

This coming Friday, 6PM, at Revolution Vintage

The organizer, getting it put together person for this event is Colleen Frakes, who will be there with her book, Woman King!

Jen Vaughn will also be there with her book, Don't Hate, Menstrate,

Morgan Pielle will be there with Indestructible Universe Quarterly 2,

AND, lastly, I'll be there with my new book, Monsters & Girls, Amelia Part 2,


The official press release for the event is right here

It's going to be a good event, food, drinks, we're going to do some readings, laughs, eyeballs, the whole nine yards.

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Mike Dobbs said...

Denis: here is what I wrote in the community weeklies I edit

and I repeated it with some additions on my blog:

Mike Dobbs