Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stroll down Memory Street

a couple things.

I finally uploaded my pictures from A.P.E., I only took a few before my camera died, check out the table,

you can see the rest here.

Also, I took some pictures of gifts from Atomic Age Cinema, my old stomping grounds. I'm going to post one a week for a while. They were put together mostly by my friend, John Landis. Here's the first one,
Be an Atom Age Vampire
we gave this out with Atom Age Vampire
It's an atomic fireball and glow in the dark teeth.
On the back it reads:
Make Anyone do Anything
You mentally command with your mind alone!
Silently command, control, dominate any one. Say nothing, watch even perfect strangers do what you wish willingly and cheerfully. Absolutely uncanny! Awe inspiring details revealed in SUCCESP Manual Review Folio. Send only $3


Malachi Ward said...

Will you or any of the "I Know Joe Kimpel" group be at APE this year?

Denis St. John said...

I don't know, I hope so