Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SPX 08

was fun.

We had two long car rides (the rides are under-represented in photo form, but they were a large part of the weekend).

I had my stuffs at three tables.
Monsters and Girls 1 and 1.5 at the Sundays table
Sundays, manned by many people, including Alex Kim who was there with his Xeric book, WALL CITY, and Chuck McBuck, who won Two, count them, TWO, Ignatz!
Alex "Xeric" Kim and Chuck McTwoBricks
and at the CCS table
And the IKJK table, manned by Mario VanBuren.
mario Van Buren manning the I Know Joe Kimpel table

We did some fun Karaoke.
Jen and Alec
It was laughs.

for more pics, go to my my Flckr page

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