Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More MoCCA comics

so in addtion to my own book, I'll also have work in two very awesome anthologies at MoCCA.

The first, Secrets and Lies, is put together by Cat Garza, and is like almost two hundred pages of awesome.

The second, Sundays 2, is put together by members of my graduating class, I have an original all new Dishy Dora story in it.

CCS people are going to be at a bunch of different tables, the I Know Joe Kimpel Table, the Sundays table, the CCS table, the Secrets and Lies table, and more, and CCSers are going to debuting a ton of new great comics.
Oh! Also, the local newspaper wrote a story about our graduation and there's a great picture of me and Chuck Forsman hugging

they also quote me heavily.
So in other news, it's moving season here in White River Junction.
just so people know what to look for, here's the cover for my book, Monsters & Girls: Amelia

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