Friday, July 27, 2007

more doodles!?

Here's some new photoshop drawings I've been doing. Dishy Dora all ready for the opera, or a gun fight.
I've been looking at some PowerHouse Pepper by Basil Wolverton stuff as inspiration. As well as, obviously, Popeye.

The color palettes I mostly swapped from Fleisher Popeye posters. Those are pretty amazing.

I don't have names for the two cow guys yet.
The last picture is just a self portrait. I'm using a dip pen in the picture because in real life I was using a tablet and computer.


Alex Kim said...

very interesting drawings denis. though i feel like i'm not seeing all of them!

also, how's it going?

Denis St. John said...

give it a sec....okay, now look again.

It goes, it goes. What's up?