Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brain Pellets!

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A new product from Monsters & Girls! Monsters & Girls brand Brain Pellets. All the benefits of the comic book Monsters & Girls in a fruit flavored powdery brain effecting pellet! A must have for collectors of Monsters & Girls merchandize as well as anyone who likes or needs brain pellets! Just imagine, all the creatures and monsters you'll see, your brain will never be the same again!
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In other news check out my profile on Everyone going to MoCCA, have an awesome time, and everyone going to MoCCA not connected to the sundays anthology, buy it!


Dane said...

This product is amazing.

Denis St. John said...

thanks Dane, for that you get some brain pellets

Alex Kim said...

hey denis. those are great. save some for me... or have some for me... or errr, well, i guess sell some for me... as in, in my name... or forget all of that - i want to buy two of everything. right now!

nice job, good stuff.