Thursday, May 31, 2007

Atomic Age Cinema

here's a picture from the last time The Kick was at Atomic Age Cinema. I was working on a 3 panel comic for today, but I took a break from it and when I came back i realized how ugly it was.

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Captain Kosmos said...

What a gruesome threesome! Hey Denis, Captain Kosmos and Ronnie say HI from Bloomington. Today at the Atomic Age Cinema matinee the kids were taking turns singing the theme to SUPERCAR, a competition to see who would win a highly-collectible DVD of Fleischer Studios' SUPERMAN animated cartoons. What's the name of your comic that's on sale at Phoenix? We're trying to beat the heat here in Indiana. Your littlest fan, Ronnie, starts kindergarten in August, and I've had a couple of sci-fi flash-fictions published over at with more to come. How's the sangria in Spain?

All the best,

Captain Kosmos